Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Stipey Buttons

I spent a few hours yesterday mixing colours together and putting them together. Unfortuntley it all went a bit wrong towards the end and I only managed to make some buttons and some flat beads for earrings. As a result I now have loads of scrap clay to make some swirly buttons!

New Logo

I had a logo designed by pixelbypixel at I have black cat who I adore, even if she does seem very interested in my clay i.e. gets in the way!

Monday, 28 January 2008

Purple necklace on Dawanda

I found this lovely polymer clay necklace on Dawanda tonight.
It's made by the seller nanou, I just love the tones of purple in the large beads.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Great clay artists treasury on etsy

Check out this lovely treasury made by
It features some of the many talented clay artists of PCAGOE!!

Front page of dawanda!

Originally uploaded by sallers

Just found a set of my earrings on the front page of in the featured products.
I took a picture of it on my mobile phone so the pics not that great, but I'm pleased!

Friday, 25 January 2008

Just listed

I have just listed a set of 4 Edie Basic Buttons at etsy.

Introducing Edie!

The name of my new set of beads and buttons is Edie.

The colours used in these beads were inspired by 1960's interior designer Eddie Squires.

As found in Kevin McCloud's book Choosing Colours -

I thought that Eddie wasn't a a very pink based name so changed it to Edie.

Sorry to any Eddies out there!

There are several forms of my Edie bead/button - from the basic design to the more complex designs and finally the scrap's made into lovely swirls. I hate waste!

Image transfer

After finding some great digital images at
I decided to have a go at image transfering.

The one on the left was using a thin laye of liquid fimo on top of some white fimo, and the one on the right was just white fimo.
Both images were printed onto t shirt transfer paper, the clay and the transfer paper were put into my oven for about 7 minutes then taken out, so I could peel the paper away. The clay and the image were then returned to the oven for another 25 minutes.
Both the images came out quite well and the colours were really vibrant. The texture of the paper left it's mark on the image, so I tried sanding it. The image seemed to stand up quite well to the samding although it made little difference to the texture. A slight difference was noted in the vibrancy of the image colours.
In the future I am going to try applying a coat of clear varnish to the image instead and eliminate the need for sanding and polishing.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Sand away!

Well I have made a huge batch of new buttons and beads out of a new colour combo.
They are pink, blue, purple and white. They have been inspired by 1960's interior design.
I am still thinking of a good name for them, I have a few in mind and I have the whole night to decide on it, whilst I sit here and sand and buff them up!

A new colour theme!

Just listed on etsy are a set of 4 Buttons
4 Raspberry Sorbet Buttons

and a set of 3 Heart pins.

3 Hearts pin set

The pins and the colour theme, which I have called "Raspberry Sorbet", was created for the PCAGOE monthly challenge which was Love.
Both items are for sale on my etsy page right now